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Tuesday, Aug. 25th. Meeting at 7:00. Location Hangar

Tuesday, Sept. 15th.  Meeting at 7:00. Location FBO Meeting Room at LXT

Tuesday, Oct. 20th.  Meeting at 7:00. Location FBO Meeting Room at LXT


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Memberships for Sale



Wing Flying Club is actively seeking new members. Members have access to very nice and well maintained aircraft, without enduring all the costs of owning your own aircraft. Student pilots are welcome.

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Photo Call: Please send me updated photos of how you use the club planes. Any stories etc. I'm looking for items to put on the website!!!

Email items to bjjones133@gmail.com

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N9552K       N4336D

Aircraft News

New Saratoga News: The Club has Piper Saratoga painted!!!

Archer News: The Archer continues to fly tons.



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The Air Around Here

Flying Magazine Calendar of events 2015
Members: Send in locations for the destinations page.

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Student Pilots Welcome!!!!!!

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AOPA ASF and FAA Seminars

September, 8, 2015 Wichita, KS Click Here for Info
September, 10, 2015 Rogers, AR Click Here for Info
October, 8, 2015 Olathe, KS Click Here for Info


September 2, 2015 Blakesburg , IA Click Here for Info
September 5, 2015 Blakesburg , IA Click Here for Info
September 12, 2015 Garfield, AR Click Here for Info
September 20, 2015 Palmyra, Il Click Here for Info
September 26, 2015 Enid, OK Click Here for Info
No events planned    
No events planned    

More info at FlyKC.com Website

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